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Water Sports

With its variety of landscapes, the Verdon provides numerous water activities, open to all abilities... providing you are able to swim !!!

Are you able to swim ?
  • Rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Flotting
  • Hydrospeed
  • Inflatable canoe
  • Tube or mono rafting
Rafting is one of the most popular activities because almost anyone can try it.
It can be a family activity, accompanied children are accepted from 8 years on a discovery course suitable for beginners.

Make advance inquiries about the feasible periods, normally from the beginning of spring until the beginning of autumn, according to the different areas of the Verdon (possible water releases from the dams must also be taken into account).
The rafting is a part of the most popular activities.

Climbing : 933 recognised routes !!!


With 933 recognised routes including the famous Falaise de l’Escalès (300 metres of sheer cliff), the Verdon is a renowned place for climbing.

Due to its scale and variety, this protected area is ideal for all lovers of climbing.
If you are a beginner, don’t go alone: take a professional guide, who will choose a route suited to your level.

The Canyoning, the feelings and the discovery.


A varied activity, rythmical and refreshing, for sporty people looking for a challenge!

Aquatic play and athletic river descent in sometimes deep and narrow canyons gives the opportunity to discover unusual landscapes while practising swimming, jumping, abseiling and natural tobogganing.

It is essential to arrange to be accompanied by a specialized professional. He will give you regulations and guidance related to the area, which you will have to follow strictly to ensure your safety. He will also choose the canyon suited to your level.
Carefully check your equipment (ropes, snaphooks, wet suit...)and study your course (maps, topo-guides).
Make inquiries about the practicable periods and sites... and don’t forget the weather forecasts.

Air sports

The stunning views of the landscape are exhilarating from the air!

Vus d’en haut les panoramas sont sublimes ! The Gorges du Verdon, surrounded by very sunny uplands, offer perfect conditions for the thermals sought by lovers of airsports.

There is no shortage of activities :
  • Paragliding
  • Deltawing
  • Gliding
  • Motor flying
  • Helicopter
  • Microlight plane


Discover on foot the country of Verdon...

Walking hikes

Whatever kind of hikes you prefer, from strolls to long distance footpaths(GR) which traverse the Verdon area, you will find a path to suit you in an exceptionaly varied and beautiful environment!
The GR 4, 49 and 99 traverse the Parc Régional Naturel du Verdon and the hikes offering magnificient landscapes are countless.
Only or in family... It is impossible to list them all: more than 7a courses are registered on about 40 communes belonging to the Parc Régional Naturel du Verdon.
Near Baudinard village, starting from a lavender field, 3 marked footpaths give you the opportunity to discover nature in a wild and protected environment.
From the most challenging to the easiest paths, some need 30 minutes, others many hours!


Discover magnificent landscapes in mountain bike... If you practise bicycle or mountain biking, the Verdon area will delight you... provided you like going up and downhill. Small routes and dirt tracks allow rides for a few hours or for a couple of days.
To cycle in the Verdon is a pleasure accessible to all; whether you prefer an athletic course or a tour, you will experience the excitement of a huge protected area. 22 mountain bike routes will give you the opportunity to discover the Var at your own pace. In order to (re)discover the Var, topo-guides have been edited by the Conseil Général du Var with the detail of the course, its length and its duration. They also mention the sites, historical monuments and exceptional sites.


Galloping in the forests of pines and oaks, visiting the picturesque hilltop villages of Haute Provence, discovering the lakes and canyons of the Verdon, trotting along the lavender fields and almond meadows, ...
The Gorges du Verdon provide such a variety of landscapes that whatever your choice and your style, you will be able to explore in freedom and enjoy a great escape. There are more than 900 kms of magnificient marked bridleways in the area.
Numerous horse centres provide horse-riding for one hour or a couple of days.
Docile and nice, the donkey, an ideal frame. Families will appreciate the opportunity to hike with a donkey. Docile, with a quiet pace, this animal will help you to discover our provençal hills in a contemplative way.
It is perfectly suited for children: they can be carried by the donkey if necessary and it can offer a kind of "therapy" to perturbed or disabled children.
With the donkey carrying all the equipment, it is a way to hike in a self sufficient way for a couple of days or participate in other activities. It gives the opportunity for a total change of scene and is less strenuous because the load is carried for you.

Water sports

They are numerous stretches of water and lakes among which the lake of Sainte Croix (the largest lake of the Verdon) has 3 nautical bases.

Of the windsurfing board in the Canoe, there is for all the tastes... They are numerous stretches of water and lakes among which the lake of Sainte Croix (the largest lake of the Verdon) has 3 nautical bases. There are activities for everyone, canoeing, sailing (schools), windsurfing, kayaking, or adventure courses: in families or groups, from the designated safe areas at the edge of the lake, to the more advanced adventure course...
Also try hiking along the rivers but don’t forget waterproof walking shoes.
It is possible to hire nautical aquipment: pedalos, canoes, sailboards or catamarans. On the Verdon lakes, petrol/diesel motors are only authorized for security and rescue boats. For those who want to navigate without paddle or sail, there are electrical boats with a gentle speed leaving plenty of time to admire the landscape.

A numerous fishing courses await you...


In the Parc National Régional du Verdon, numerous fishing courses await you, from easy ones (less than 5 minutes walk) to the most athletic, which mix hiking, fishing, bivouac and adventure along the turquoise waters of the Verdon.
Fishing training courses are organized on the lakes of Sainte Croix, Castillon and Esparron to catch pike, trout and big perch.

Bungy jumping

182 metres high! The highest bridge in Europe!!!
The bridge of Artuby, also called Pont de Chaulière, was built between 1938 and 1947; it is composed of a unique arch of 110 metres built according to the techniques of Gustave Eiffel. At 182 metres high,it is the highest bridge in Europe.
It is located in the Var, on the D71, 50 kms from Castellane and 100 kms from Marseille.
The jumps are organized by serious and experienced professionals. A unique and incomparable experience is guaranteed!!!

Magnificent grounds of Tennis into the village.

Tennis in Baudinard

Play in the middle of the village, with a shade under the trees for spectators...


Lovers of boule meet on a superb shady area.


There are 18 holes of golf in Manosque and Digne.

Baudinard sur Verdon,
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